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GPS Family Locator

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21 Aug 2018, 10 GMT+10

Heres a nightmare scenario for any parent: youve let your newly-minted 16-year old borrow the car for the evening with a promise of returning by 11pm. Once 11pm hits, you stare at the door non-stop, only briefly changing view to look at the clock. Its now 11:15 and then 11:30 where is your kid? Are they hurt and lost? Or just around the corner after losing track of time?

Luckily, these nerve-wracking moments dont have to happen in 2018. GPS Family locator apps let you keep an eye on your kids (or other family members) right on your smartphone.

GPS: Not Just For Directions

When you think of a GPS system, you probably go right to the little voice giving you directions in the car. Indeed, most people now have a GPS right on their smartphone, so getting lost has become nearly impossible. Thats now how the global position system technology came to be though. In the 1970s, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) wanted to development a navigation system using the satellites that now circled above the globe. Thus the first Navigation System with Timing and Ranging (NAVSTAR) was born.

Today, with 24 different satellites to use, GPS system can track anything anywhere in the world. Thats a somewhat frightening thought, but families can now use the technology to keep their children safe.

Types of GPS Family Trackers

The GPS technology can now be used smartphone to smartphone in order to triangulate someones location. Parents have found great comfort using these devices to learn the whereabouts of their kids. Heres a few choices for parents looking to monitor their kids with GPS.

Life360 - One of the highest rated GPS trackers available, the family locator from Life360 lets you connect with your family and keep tabs on everyones location. You can even set up two different zones that alert you when your child enters it (ie. school or movie theater). Also monitors driving for accident alerts and speed analysis.

TeenSafe - If you really want to know about your kids life, TeenSafe is the choice but be warned: its a major invasion of privacy and you might lose trust. TeenSafe is not only a GPS, but a text and social media monitor as well. Youll know who your kid is tweeting, texting, or any other type of data.

Carrier Family Trackers - If you have Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, or any other major cell provider, you might already have access to a family GPS system. Check with your provider and see what options are available to you.

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