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Paradigm Shift: Digital Reality

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05 Dec 2018, 10 GMT+10

Commerce has gone a long way since the moment when money was created.

It took thousands of years for a simple exchange of goods to transform into more complex sale and purchase mechanisms that contributed to the establishment of the existing economic model. From Stone Coins to Virtual PaymentsMarket economy is a big factor in social interaction, therefore it is constantly evolving according to the age that society exists in.

The starting point was the so-called Great industrial revolution (1819th centuries), when agricultural society turned into an industrial one. Craft production was replaced by factory production, where the emerging machinery facilitated urbanization and quicker economic growth. The second industrial revolution took place at the beginning of the 20th century and brought improved mechanisms that optimized human work. The third revolution was the defining one for society. It started in the late 1980s and was defined by the move from analogue technologies to the digital ones.

The beginning of the 21st century marked the introduction of mobile communications and the Internet without which it is hard to imagine the life of a modern person. And so, in the age of post-industrial economy, the technological progress began to rapidly move forward, and we can notice that the time gaps between the leaps of mankind's scientific and technological progress have significantly decreased. After just some 1020 years we are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, which we can follow in real time. Industry 4.0 is first and foremost associated with a truly important for mankind innovation the Blockchain technology, which is becoming more and more relevant in almost every area of activity. Crypto currency, in turn, plays the role of a universal financial instrument, which supersedes both fiat and electronic money in a number of ways.

These days, transactions are more frequently carried out through the distributed ledger, and more goods and services in online stores can be paid for with crypto currencies. However, the potential of digital money and Blockchain is not even close to being realized. Crypto industry is at the beginning of its road, which provides a lot of minds capable of contributing to its development with great prospects. Only 10 years ago, Blockchain was used exclusively as a technology for crypto currency transactions, and it was hard to imagine that large-scale Blockchain projects, financial trading platforms and numerous state programs for integration of the distributed ledger into administrative institutions would be in development as soon as 20182019.On the Way to Cyber-Physical SystemsAutomation of day-to-day mechanisms is one of the main rapidly developing trends, and crypto industry has evolved into a highly promising commercial platform that is crucial for global economy. Even at the current stage of Blockchains development we can see thousands of startups based on this technology. Digital industry is so vast that Blockchain can be implemented into any area of activity, which makes it a great field to realize many fresh and unique ideas. A few years ago, this led to the creation of the Bitbon System whose global mission for society was to introduce a maximally simple and universal financial instrument. Some countries do not recognize crypto currencies as a payment method or forbid them altogether because they are currently beyond legal boundaries. The concept of the Bitbon System is formed in a way that completely eliminates the existing downsides of digital money.

The Bitbon Systems set of solutions includes several basic ones:- Creating a decentralized financial platform for uninterrupted and convenient interaction of the System participants;- Developing the Bitbon crypto value with a number of unique properties, which can be used as a payment unit within the System;- Integrating patented investment mechanisms into the Bitbon System;- Interacting with regulating authorities, cooperating with the government, legal support, transparent activity with verification of all System participants;- Constantly updating software technologies to improve the platform functioning.The idea of this crypto project is quite global, and in the future, according to the developers, it can include the real sector of economy thereby eliminating its main issues: corruption and fraud.As you can see, with every industrial revolution, the conditions of global economy have significantly improved, and there is a high chance that the fourth revolution will have the same positive outcome. Rational and smart use of Blockchain optimizes many social and economic processes, which will undoubtedly make peoples lives easier and better.

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